Director: Dr Calvin L. Smith
Administrator: Brian Brewer, M.A.

Israel-11King's Centre for Jewish-Christian Studies (CJCS) advances theological education in this field, allowing students enrolled at King's to select a Jewish-Christian Studies track for either our B.Th. or M.A. degrees.

Aside from theological education at King's, CJCS seeks to disseminate its theological aims and viewpoints within the academy through conferences and publications, together with engagement with the wider Church.

Further information of the Centre is available through the links below, or by contacting the CJCS Administrator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Watch this excellent news exposé: Messianic Faith Is Spreading in Israel

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Modules in Jewish-Christian Studies

B.Th. degree

TH4613 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (Level 4, 20 credits)
TH4615 Lands of the Bible (Level 4, 20 credits)
TH5605 The Church and Israel (Level 5, 20 credits)
TH5613 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (Level 5, 20 credits)
TH5615 Lands of the Bible (Level 5, 20 credits)
TH5620 Independent Study Project (Level 5, 20 credits)
TH6611 Thoughts and Expressions of the Messianic Jewish Movement (Level 6, 20 credits)
TH6620 Dissertation (Level 6, 40 credits)

M.A. (theology) degree

TH7611 Thoughts and Expressions of the Messianic Jewish Movement (20 credits)
TH7615 Dissertation (60 credits)

Modules that include some Jewish-Christian Studies

TH4602 Old Testament Survey (B.Th. Level 4, 10 credits)
TH4605 Biblical Exegesis: Theory and Methodology (B.Th. Level 4, 10 credits)
TH5601 Book of Deuteronomy (B.Th. Level 5, 20 credits)
TH5603 Letter to the Hebrews (B.Th. Level 5, 20 credits)
TH6601 Biblical Theology (B.Th. Level 6, 20 credits)
TH7607 Biblical Theology (M.A., 20 credits)