Colin Barnes M.Th.
Jewish-Christian Studies

Dr Andy Cheung (Director of Operations)
Biblical Studies, Translation Studies

Dr David Cowan
Theology and Politics

Dr Larry Helyer
New Testament Studies

Dr Patrick Egan
New Testament, Hermeneutics

Thomas Fretwell M.A. (PhD Cand.)

Daniel Kayley M.A.
Theology, Biblical Studies

Dr Elvira King
Jewish-Christian Relations

Walter Lamberti M.A. (PhD Cand.)
New Testament

Revd Chris Lazenby (Tutor in Theology and Student Chaplain)
History of Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Religion

Dr Yaya Obozua
Hermeneutics, African Studies

Donna Orr M.A. 
Biblical Studies

Revd Canon Dr Raymond Pfister
Biblical Theology, Church History, Messianic Judaism

Anthony Royle M.A.
Biblical Studies

Dr Calvin L. Smith (Principal)
Biblical Theology, Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr Jermo van Nes
NT Greek, NT Studies

Dr Stephen Vantassel (Director of Studies)
Systematic Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Society and Cultural Studies 

David Williams M.A. (Director, Knowing Your Bible programme)
Theology, Biblical Studies

Alexander Yukhymishen M.Th  (PhD Cand.)
NT Greek, Biblical Hebrew


Dr Darrell Bock (Dallas Theological Seminary)

Dr David Bostock (NHS chaplain)

Dr Mitch Glaser (President, Chosen People Ministries)

Revd Dr Colin Warner

Revd Dr Daniel Mercaldo (Senior Pastor, Church at the Gateway, New York)

Pastor David Royle (missionary, South Africa)

Revd. Christopher Smith (Founder, King's Evangelical Divinity School)

Julian Spriggs M.A. (Speaker and lecturer with Youth With a Mission throughout much of Europe)

Revd Tony Stone (evangelist)

Rabbi Leonard Tann (Chief Rabbi, Birmingham Hebrew Congregation)

Dr Amos Yong (J. Rodman Williams Professor of Theology, Regent University, Virginia)