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See what past graduates and present students say about their time at KEDS...

I strongly recommend the MA in theology programme to anyone who is seriously thinking about undertaking advanced theological studies for a number of reasons... Most importantly, the programme provides a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the Bible and theology that prepares me to correctly interpret the word of truth and equips me for every good work. It engages me in theological reflection to grow in knowledge of and faith in God? [read more]
Dr Wilfred Lau, Hong Kong
(MA graduate)

KEDS gave me the opportunity to pursue particular questions concerning evangelical biblical interpretation in more depth than that offered by most schools.  In my particular course, I was able to spend the entire Level 6 studying and writing on biblical theology - how the entire Bible fits together as a cohesive whole.  It's rare to find such a sustained emphasis upon biblical theology in Bible colleges or seminaries.  It is even more rare to find this emphasis at the low cost offered by KEDS. [read more]
John SummersUSA
(BTh graduate)

It ticked all the boxes for me in that I could study via distance learning and at my own pace and, most importantly, was accredited with a UK University. Also, given that the course is online, the costs are considerably less than studying while attending a Bible School or University. From day one, I enjoyed my studies. Through their lectures and written materials, the various supervisors exposed me to new concepts and various interpretations of important Biblical doctrines. [read more]
Mark AndersonUnited Kingdom
(MA graduate)

The programme is challenging and does not serve up a ready-made solution but requires a high level of personal engagement and critical thinking, which, in my opinion, provides an optimal learning experience. Since KEDS is a confessional school and supports a broad yetorthodox evangelical spectrum, I especially liked the freedom to focus on the theology of my conviction, in my case, reformed theology.  I think this is where KEDS offers a unique opportunity to optimally advance one's perspective through additional research, in addition to engaging with the mandatory material. [read more]
Paul Wellinger, Switzerland 
(MA graduate)

KEDS' pricing is extremely competitive and was within my budget. The school’s distance learning option also allowed me to continue in my secular and pastoral work. I found many of the topics stretched my worldview by introducing me to ideas I would likely not have otherwise encountered, but above all KEDS gave me the tools I was searching for to interpret the Bible correctly.
Jason Wright, United Kingdom
(MA graduate)

I have recently obtained my M.A. in Theology, and with some regret will be leaving KEDS, although there is still the Facebook site to be part of.
Studying with KEDS has been an enjoyable, at times challenging, experience which has stretched my horizons and taught me a great deal: I will miss it. It has been a “safe” place to learn, not only being able to trust the lecturers, but also to understand opposing arguments and weigh them scripturally and, hopefully, impartially. This has led to my having a surprising amount of sympathy for the views of some others while disagreeing with them. That’s a real benefit!
During 2022 I had the opportunity of being part of a local theological college support group and was both surprised and disappointed to see the strong bias exhibited by many as they focussed on a specific outcome of their study. This attitude has always been strongly discouraged with KEDS as research needs to be unbiased.
I warmly recommend KEDS to anyone who is serious about studying the Bible in a safe and scholarly manner. The on-line resources are excellent, as are the lecturers with whom I have had contact.
Jenny Sheldon, New Zealand
(MA Graduate)