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It is possible to study specific modules at undergraduate level and receive formal certification from our validating university (University of Chester) without having to enrol and complete the full Bachelor of Theology programme.

Anyone taking modules this way is enrolled with KEDS as an Associate Student. Associate Student status is ideal for anyone interested in exploring particular subjects in greater depth, for example out of personal theological interest, for further training, or in preparation for further studies at a higher level.

Regulations and How To Enrol

Complete the online application and pay the application fee in the normal manner, making sure you select the Associate Student option from the course options.. In the section asking your reasons for wanting to take a particular course you should also indicate which module(s) you intend to study during the current acadamic year. Details of individual module aims and content are available on the BTh page.

Tuititon fees are the same as for the BTh. Associate Students pay for each module in advance and fees are non-refundable.

Entrance qualifications and criteria are the same as for the BTh. After enrollment you simply work through your studies in the normal manner. If, at some stage in the future, you decide to upgrade to full BTh status any modules already completed are added to your transcript.

Associate Student status permits completion of a maximum of 60 credits per academic year (anyone wanting to complete more will be required to apply for the full BTh programme). Associate Student status is only permitted over two consecutive school years, after which you will need to enrol on the BTh programme.

Each module must be completed within six months of commencement. Entry to final level modules of the BTh are decided on a case-by-case basis, but usually will only be permitted where an Associate Student has completed studies at Certificate and/or Diploma level, whether at KEDS or elsewhere.

For more information view the BTh  course specification (University of Chester website). For content of individual modules scroll down that document and click on the module codes hyperlinks.