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The MA in theology offers advanced specialisation in both biblical studies and theology (including Evangelical theology). Typical of British postgraduate theology degrees there is a strong emphasis on independent research, including a substantial thesis element permitting an extended area of independent research and writing in the subject of students’ own choosing.

The degree is designed to appeal to a wide range of students, including those holding undergraduate qualifications in religion, divinity or theology, and clergy or other professionals seeking to extend their theological study. The MA is also a suitable qualification for those seeking to pursue research at doctoral level.


The MA provides an opportunity for specialisation in biblical studies and broader theological issues, with a range of electives on offer via an online course culminating in certification with a British university.

For Evangelicals there is also the opportunity to focus upon a detailed and scholarly examination of the history, thought and current trends of the modern Evangelical movement, allowing for both a greater appreciation of and critical engagement with the various expressions and components of their tradition.

The course is also relevant to observers and commentators of Evangelicalism who do not belong to the movement.

The MA also contributes to existing Christian ministry. Subject specific skills include advanced hermeneutical tools and the critical evaluative skills to engage with and critique modern society and its challenges from a Christian perspective.


The MA can be completed over one year full-time and up to six years part-time. Prospective students may commence the course any time of the year. The entire MA is completed online and there are no residential or attendance requirements. 

The degree consists of six taught modules (two-thirds of the MA) and a dissertation (one-third). There are also Postgraduate Certificate Diploma early exit awards.

For detailed aims, structure and content view the MA programme specification on the Chester website. 


Ordinarily a good degree in either theology, religious studies, divinity (e.g. BTh, BA, BD, BMin) or a degree in a related area of theology and religion. However, we also accept motivated students with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines and/or ministry experience. Each case is assessed on an individual basis.

View our FAQs or contact the Director of Operations Dr Andy Cheung for questions relating to entrance requirements.