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Application Form


    This form is for distance learning courses only. King's Evangelical Divinity School does not offer residential programmes. Therefore, acceptance on a course will NOT secure a student visa from the UK Border Agency to study in the United Kingdom.



    1. Scans or electronic copies of any certificates and transcripts you plan to submit. Please note that evidence of previous studies is mandatory for all Graduate Diploma and M.A. applications. This form includes an upload feature to provide such documentation. If you cannot upload the files for whatever reason, or are awaiting transcripts from a previous institution, you may email scanned copies to the school separately at a later date.

    2. Any other documentation you wish to submit with your application (e.g. supporting letter from your named referee), which will speed up your application.

    3. A debit or credit card to pay the 35 GBP (approx 45 USD) application fee. Payment of the fee completes the application process.



    Complete all the boxes. An asterisk (*) denotes a box which cannot be left blank. The fuller your responses and the more information you supply, the less likely the need to get back to you for further information, which will delay your application. You might want to prepare the longer answers on a word processor beforehand and then copy and paste to the appropriate area. If an answer does not apply to you, type N/A (`Not Applicable'). Once completed, click the "Submit" button on the last page. Should you get a 'problem' message in red at this point, there are required item(s) you have not completed. Return and complete these items(s). You may use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons as many times as you like for this purpose and also to return to the last page to press the "Submit" button again.

    Once submitted, your application will reviewed by Faculty to determine suitability for the course for which you have applied. An application indicating a preferred start date over 90 days from the date of submission is held until three months before that date, after which it will be processed. Applications take between 10-21 days to process, depending on how quickly a reference is provided. Contact us if you did not received an automated acknowledgment within 24 hours of submitting your application. Please note that once an offer of admission is made, it must be taken up within 60 days.

    For undergraduate applicants, the nature of these studies requires a good grasp of English. Therefore, where English is not an applicant's native language, responses to the questions in this application form will help King's determine if an applicant satisfies this requirement, and for this reason it is important to supply detailed answers. You may also upload evidence of proficiency in English, for example, EFL scores, certificates, etc.

  2. First Names(*)
    Please enter your first names
  3. Surname(*)
    Please enter your surname

  4. Part 1: Personal Information

  5. House / Flat Number(*)
    Please enter your House or Flat Number
  6. Street, district(*)
    Enter street address and district
  7. Town / City(*)
    Please enter your town or city of residence
  8. County, State, Province or Region
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  9. Country(*)
    Please enter your country of residence
  10. Postal / Zip code(*)
    Please enter your Postal or Zip code
  11. Telephone Number(*)
    Please enter a contact telephone number
    Please enter area code and country code if outside the UK.
  12. Work or Mobile Telephone
  13. Email(*)
    Please enter a valid email address
    Please ensure you enter your email correctly or we will not be able to respond to your application
  14. Date of Birth(*)
    Please enter a valid date of form DD/MM/YYYY.
    Please use format DD/MM/YYYY
  15. Gender(*)
    Please select your gender.
  16. Nationality(*)
    Please enter your nationality
  17. Country of permanent residence(*)
    Please enter country of permanent residence

  18. Part 2: Religious and/or Personal Background

  19. Background(*)
    Please provide some details.
    Provide details of your Christian experience (e.g. testimony, church background, ministry)
  20. Are you a practising Christian?(*)
    Please answer the question.
  21. Do you agree to abide by our core values?(*)
    Please answer the question.
    Please see here for the statement of our core values.

  22. Part 3: Academic Background

  23. Which of the following best describes your academic experience? (*)
    Please enter your qualifications
  24. Highest post-school award
    Please enter the final award
  25. Main subject(s)
    Please enter the main subject of your award
  26. Institution
    Invalid Input
  27. Classification / Final Grade
    Invalid Input
  28. Course Dates
    Invalid Input
  29. Please detail any religious and/or theological courses studies or seminars attended (if none attended, simply type `None')
    Invalid Input

  30. Part 4: About Your Chosen Course

  31. Which course are you applying for?(*)
    Please select your chosen course.
  32. Please explain your reason(s) for wishing to enroll on this course. Try to be specific, avoiding very general and short comments, and instead explaining exactly why you think this particular course offers what you are looking for. Maximum 500 words.(*)
    Please explain your reasons.
  33. When do you plan to begin your studies? (*)
    Please tell us when you wish to begin.
  34. How did you first learn about King's?(*)
  35. Further details
    Invalid Input
    Further details if applicable (e.g. date & place of church event, where advertisement appeared, website linking to King's)

  36. Part 5: Applicants With Disabilities

  37. Where possible, we will make all reasonable adjustments to accommodate students with disabilities. All applications are judged on the grounds of academic suitability. If you have a disability that may affect your studies, please indicate this in the box below.

  38. Please provide full details of any disabilities and how these might affect your studies. Responses remain confidential and are only disclosed to staff who must determine what reasonable adjustments are required to deliver your programme of study.
    Invalid Input

  39. Part 6: References

  40. As part of the application process we require a reference. This will usually be from someone in a Christian leadership position who knows you personally. Academic references may also suitable in some circumstances. If unsure who to put down please contact the office.

    Please indicate below the name and address of someone we may contact. To speed up the application process you may also request the reference directly, which should be emailed to office AT kings divinity.org (replace AT with @ symbol). Please ensure whoever sends in a referee has included your name and the course you are applying for.

  41. Referee Name
    Please enter a referee name.
  42. Referee Address
    Invalid Input
  43. Email address
    Enter valid email address
  44. In what capacity is this person qualified to provide a reference on your behalf?
    Invalid Input

  45. Upload supporting documentation

    Use this feature to upload up to three documents in support of your application, for example copies of course certificates, transcripts, supporting letters, etc. Please ensure all documents uploaded are in doc, docx, odt, pdf or zip format. File must be 3MB or under in size. If you have more than three documents, amalgamate several into a single file.

  46. Supporting Documents
    Invalid Input
  47. Supporting Documents
    Invalid Input
  48. Supporting Documents
    Invalid Input

  49. Part 7: Declaration

  50. I have answered the questions on this form as honestly and accurately as I can. I also confirm that if accepted I will abide by the King's Evangelical Divinity School's core values and beliefs. By submitting this application I confirm I have read, understood and agree to King's Terms of Service and Privacy Notice 

    I recognise this application is for a distance-learning programme, and that if I am offered a study place it is on a non-residential basis only. (Overseas applicants: Acceptance onto this course does not entitle you to apply for a student visa to reside in the UK).

  51. Signature(*)
    Please enter your name.
    Please type in your name. If you are accepted onto the course a copy of these details may be sent to you for an ink signature.
  52. Date(*)
    Please enter today's date.
    Date form DD/MM/YYYY
  53. Please tick this box and answer the question that follows.(*)
    Invalid Input
  54. Important Message

    The application fee is 35GBP (approx 45 USD, 39 EURO). Once this form is submitted, select "Next" and you will be directed to the payment page. The application process is not complete until you receive confirmation of payment of the admission fee.