We are delighted to welcome Brian and Paula Brewer, from Illinois, USA, to work with us at the KEDS office here in Broadstairs.

Brian, who earned B.Th. and M.A. degrees in Theology through KEDS, is the administrator of the school's new Centre for Jewish-Christian Studies, as well as PA to the Principal and a member of KEDS' academic committee. He is currently researching Gentile interaction and involvement with Messianic ministries. The Brewers have moved to the UK primarily to work with KEDS to develop the Centre for Jewish-Christian Studies over the next twelve months.
This is not the first time the Brewers have lived outside the US. They felt a call to cross-cultural ministry work and entered into missionary service more than 20 years ago, doing short-term work in Costa Rica, Mexico and Thailand. Neither are they strangers to the UK, having completed three previous extended periods of ministry in various locations across the country.

Additionally, Brian has served a number of years in pastoral ministry as well as Hispanic ministry in the U.S. Midwest. He observes:
An important factor in my attraction and longstanding relationship with KEDS was the proactive stance KEDS had regarding the need especially for non-Jewish believers to understand God's ongoing purposes for/with Israel. This ethos and accompanying instruction fit well with the teaching I had received twenty years earlier that had planted a seed of interest in Jewish-Christian relations. Coming as volunteers to help the Centre is, for us, a natural progression of many years' preparation in which the purposes of God were not that clear until just the past few years.
We very much look forward to working with the Brewers developing the Centre over the coming months. The first task is the development of the Centre's own website hosting various Jewish-Christian Studies resources. However, some details of the Centre's aims can be found on this page. You can also receive Twitter updates about the Centre @jcstudies.